If Your Walls Could Talk

Last week we interviewed book contributor Rhonda Rivers, who wrote the Grandparenting Through Obstacles story “Worth the Wait.” This Thursday, we’ll be completing that interview with Rhonda. In Part 1 of her interview, Rhonda made a very interesting point when asked, “In what ways do you believe God has used you most in ministering to your grandkids?”

Rhonda responded that “Children learn by watching the people around them. When my grandson is in our home, he sees evidence of our faith all around him. Bible verses and pictures of biblical scenes grace the walls; bookcases are filled with Bibles, commentaries, and Christian books. In addition, we always pray before meals, something he has learned to do. He often hears the phrase, ‘praise the Lord,’ in our conversations.”

There is a popular quote by St. Francis of Assisi, which states:

“Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words.”

Our lives should carry with them the presence of God wherever we go, especially in our homes. When others come to visit, what will they find on our walls, on our bookshelves, or on our DVD rack? In other words, if your walls could talk, what would they say about you and your relationship with the Lord?

When your grandkids are over your house, do they notice the things of God residing there? Is the essence of the Gospel present in your conversations with them and how you conduct yourself in their presence?

If you’re hoping to influence your grandkids—or any member of your family for Christ—your home is a great place to start. Ask God to show you anything that doesn’t glorify Him and remove it from your home. Then, think about ways that you can actively use your home to “preach” the message of Jesus to your family and to all who enter. Pray that those things in your home and God’s residing presence will draw people into a closer relationship with Him.