Thursday Interview: Ann Kronwald

Welcome back to our Thursday interview series. This week we are speaking with Ann Kronwald, who wrote the story “Jack’s Fear,” the concluding story in our book. In this story, Ann has offered to partner with her daughter by helping to take care of the kids while their mom was on bed rest. Ann’s oldest grandson, Jack, had many fears, and Ann had to come up with some creative ways of teaching him to look to God during those times when he was afraid. One method she used was to teach Jack the various names of God and how we can use them to bring hope and comfort.

Let’s hear from Ann now regarding her story and life as a grandma:

GTO: What are you hoping our readers will gain or learn from your story?

Ann: God’s names have been a life raft in my daily struggles. The attributes they represent address my neediness in amazing ways. The grandkids tend to be sponges, so I’ve tried to pass this resource on. Sometimes they stare at me blankly. But occasionally they really get it. I want my story to encourage other grandparents to help their wee folk also rely on God’s incredible character.

GTO: Teaching them about God’s names is a perfect way to show His character. So, tell us, what are some recent developments with your grandchildren since writing your story?

Ann: Jack is still somewhat cautious, most recently wondering how dangerous a crawdad might be. But he has made tremendous strides. His ease at conversing with adults now warms my heart.

GTO: I’m sure much of his progress has been due to your diligence in working with him. What can you tell our readers to encourage them to not give up on their kids or grandkids no matter how bad their situation might look?

Ann: I have been discouraged at times by parenting situations in my children, only to find later that God had been at work through those very circumstances. I often think of Joseph—how God turned his horrible sufferings into a position of honor that saved a nation. I’m so grateful that God sees the bigger picture and also hears the prayers of His children.

GTO: Yes, I think we can all be very grateful for that! What advice can you give our readers to help them become more intentional about imparting spiritual truths and values into their grandchildren?

Ann: I would say to find a time and method that seems to work for that stage. The toddlers around my house tend to stay busy during the day. But before nap or bed time, a small window of impact opens. A story is requested, and I have a captive audience, so I take advantage with some adventurous storytelling that happens to incorporate redemptive themes.

GTO: Opportunities are all around us. We just need to learn how to look for them and see the situations through God’s eyes. Jack and his siblings are blessed to have you for a grandma!

Ann, thanks so much for sharing your story in our book and for sharing your grandkids with us!

For a quick look into the meaning of some of God’s names, take a look at this “Many Names of God” article. Also, many books have been written on this subject as well.