Grandparenting Through Obstacles wins “Book of the Year”!

Wow! What a way to start the new year! In my post earlier today I mentioned we had some exciting stuff coming up. I was waiting (anxiously waiting…and waiting…like waiting for Christmas, time moved so s l o w l y !)  for this announcement that was just posted: Renee’s and my book, Grandparenting Through Obstacles, released just last August has won the Nonfiction “Book of the Year” at The Book Club Network!

Can we all say it together? Whoo-hoo! 

You can see the official announcement in the Book Fun Magazine on pages 66 – 67. Grandparenting Through Obstacles was published by Tracy Ruckman’s Pix-N-Pens Publishing, and we are very grateful to her and her confidence in us and in this book. Tracy has a heart to bring hope and joy to people of all kinds and in all situations by helping them come to or walk more closely with the Lord Jesus Christ. She has amazing energy to publish and promote books that reveal Jesus and His love and personality, and I am so grateful we connected with her to publish this book.

According to the article in Book Fun Magazine , our book received “28.67% of the votes. An overwhelming lead!” In the article from the editorial manager, Fred St. Laurent, on page 4, he stated, “We actually had the largest voter turnout in our history! Interestingly more votes were cast for nonfiction books that for fiction books. As a result we plan on focusing on nonfiction books and authors more than we have in the past. Fiction will always be a part of what we do but nonfiction has our attention.”

The largest vote turnout in history, more votes for nonfiction than fiction, and our book had an overwhelming lead in those nonfiction votes! You did this. Our biggest heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this happen by voting for us. You’re amazing! I can’t tell you Thank You enough.

Personally, for me as a nonfiction writer this is huge. Everyone wants to write fiction, but when people want help, have a need, or want to learn, they look for nonfiction. Nonfiction is bigger than many people give it credit for and I’m so grateful to you for helping us get the attention of people who promote books and reading! This can only help me in my future. You probably know Pix-N-Pens recently published my next nonfiction book, Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus. It was amazing to talk with readers at several book events I did in December who are hungry for this type of book. Fiction is great for entertaining and we definitely can teach through story, but there is a real hunger for solid nonfiction teaching, so I’m thrilled Fred at The Book Club Network is bringing attention to this.

Congratulations also to Jennifer Fromke with the second-place win in the Fiction “Book of the Year” category. Jennifer’s A Familiar Shore was published by Pix-N-Pens’ sister publisher, the fiction-publishing side of the company, Write Integrity Press. Turn back a page in the Book Fun Magazine to pages 64 – 65 to see the announcement for Jennifer’s book.

 Renee, Tracy, and I are so grateful to all of you for your support and interest in our work (whether you voted or not!). I hope you’ll keep your eye on Pix-N-Pens Publishing and Write Integrity Press for more “winning’ books.

 In the coming days I’m hoping to also get Renee and Tracy here on the blog to share their thoughts and feelings about this amazing development and honor of The Book Club Network’s “Book of the Year” award for Grandparenting Through Obstacles.