Thank you for your support!

Hi, Renee here! I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank all of you who voted for our book at Book Fun Magazine and who have supported us by reading our blog, purchasing our book, or telling others about us. Since Grandparenting Through Obstacles was released in August 2012, we have won two awards:

~ GRAND Magazine’s Top Grandparenting Book for 2012; and

~ Book Fun Magazine’s Nonfiction Book of the Year

I believe I speak for both Dianne and myself when I say that this is far more than we had imagined! Our hearts for this book have always been to reach as many grandparents as possible in order to encourage them, put some creative resources and ideas into their hands and imaginations, and arm them with relevant scriptures and prayers.

By doing so, it is our hope that Christian grandparents everywhere will step more confidently into their role of intentionally grandparenting their grandkids in order to ultimately bring them into a closer walk with Jesus.

Obviously, the more that word gets out about our book and the more recognition it receives, the more grandparents it can reach. Awards and accolades are always nice, but they’re not worth much if they don’t help to achieve a greater goal. We’re praying that the accomplishments of our book so far–and hopefully those that are still to come–will help us achieve our greater goal of helping to spiritually equip grandparents to help them do their job more effectively and with more joy and peace.

So, I thank you for helping us to move one step closer to that goal and for your continued support moving forward by helping us promote the Grandparenting Through Obstacles book and blogsite.


Two Exciting Announcements!

Hello friends of Grandparenting Through Obstacles! For today’s post, I’d like to let you know about two exciting announcements. The first is from our publisher, PixNPens Publishing.

To help celebrate the release of our book on August 17, they will be holding a special contest for grandparents going through a challenge of their own. As you know, our book discusses 4 different challenges that today’s grandparents face when it comes to sharing their faith with their grandkids:

–the challenge of parents not walking with God

–the challenge of long-distance grandparenting

–the challenge of non-traditional families

–the challenge of partnering with parents

PixNPens would like to hear about your challenge.

Here’s how to enter:

Write your own grandparenting challenge that you’ve dealt with in the past, or are currently dealing with. Share how you’ve handled the situation in a Christ-like manner, and if there’s already been a positive outcome, share that as well.

Keep your story at approximately 250 words, and then include a little bio about yourself at the end. You can include one or two photos if you wish, and if you have a link to a blog or website, you can include that too.

We’ll receive entries from now until August 15th, and then, beginning Monday, August 20th, we’ll post entries here on the blog through the end of September.

We’ll announce a winner (or perhaps even a few winners) in October!

One winner will receive a special gift basket just for grandparents that includes gift cards, books, and other goodies. Stay tuned for more details on that in the coming days.

Depending on the number of entries, we could also have several runner-up prizes, too.

Send your story to:

We look forward to reading your stories, and pray that they’ll help other grandparents who may be in similar circumstances as well.

For more information on this contest, please visit their website at

Our second announcement is from our friends at GRAND magazine. Dianne had posted earlier about this wonderful magazine just for grandparents and how to subscribe. Well, the editor at GRAND wanted to let you know that she will offer a special deal for all of our readers: a FREE 12-month subscription to their online magazine. That’s 6 bi-monthly issues at no cost to you!

To take advantage of this offer:

Use this link —

for instant access to the current issue and archives plus each new bi-monthly issue that will be delivered right to your inbox.

For fast and easy access to GRAND anytime, will give you simple instructions to install a G icon on your desktop.

If you are a Mac user, there is one additional step to drag the icon from your applications to your dock.

We hope you enjoy your GRAND subscription!

Feel free to share both of these announcements with your grandparent friends, and help us get the word out about Grandparenting Through Obstacles!

Great Resource for Grandparents: Grand Magazine

Have you heard of Grand Magazine?

It’s a magazine just for you. You can check out many articles on its website. For example check out their “Celebrity Grandparents” columns on the Expert Advice tab, or the many informative articles under the “Raising Grandkids” tab.

From Grand Magazine’s About Grand page: “This is our world, and together, we explore the changing face of grandparenting. Continually updated with new and helpful information, standard features on the site include: long-distance grandparenting, kinship care and grandparents’ rights, children’s health and development, intergenerational travel and reunions, family money, fun and games to do with your grandchildren, food and family gatherings, fashion, inspirations, grandchildren’s photographs and funny sayings, and much more!

“Our Forums and Contact Us encourage you to respond to our features and column — our new e-zine gives you GRAND magazine minutes after its published with live links to all its resources.”

Grand magazine subscription  is $19.95 for 12 issues. It’s a great resource. (Or ask for it as a gift for Grandparent’s Day, coming September 9th!)