Grandparents in the Bible

One of the many features of our book includes a section called “Grandparents in the Bible,” which can be found in every chapter. The purpose of this section is to highlight various grandparents in the Bible who influenced their grandchildren–and, in some cases, several generations–in either good or bad ways.

You will not find the words grandparent, grandfather, grandmother, nana, papa, or any other variation of these titles in the Bible. You will, however, find grandson, great-grandson, etc. And, you can determine lineage and realize there must be grandparents mentioned in the Bible through the genealogies given to us.

Just like in the Bible, we’ve listed those grandparents who followed the Lord’s commandments and therefore secured blessings for their future generations, as well as those who disobeyed God and brought curses on their future generations. It’s important to know what to do as well as what not to do!

Here’s an excerpt from one of our “Grandparents in the Bible” section:

Salmon and Rahab: Grandparents of Obed–

“Both ‘outsiders,’ the prostitute Rahab and the foreigner Ruth, were married into the family of Abraham’s descendants and the bloodline of Christ. God welcomes into His family, and uses for His good purposes, any person whose heart is tender toward Him, regardless of their family name or where they come from. No matter what your family may look like to you, He can use you and your family for His good purposes, too.”

The good news is that we know God poured out His wrath and judgment for all sin upon Jesus as He hung on the cross, which in turn, destroyed the power of sin and curse in our lives (2 Cor. 5:21Gal. 3:13).  Because of this, as believers walking in the authority of Christ, we now have the power to destroy generational curses in and to declare generational blessings upon our families.

If you know of prevailing sin in previous generations of your family that seems to keep re-appearing, through Jesus, that sin can be defeated once and for all so that your grandchildren, and their children, will not have to be enslaved to it. Praise God for His power in our lives!

I encourage you to take note of the grandparents found in the Bible and see how they were able to influence their families for the Lord. Also, use the “Grandparents in the Bible” section of our book to offer further insight into how God used these grandparents for His purposes–or, how they wandered from God, thus causing grief for their families.

Don’t ever give up on your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or the generations to follow. Speak blessings over your lineage, pray God’s Word, and have faith that each of your future generations will be more powerful and more blessed than the one before it! You have the ability–through Christ–to determine what kind of legacy you will leave.