Now Taking Pre-Publication Orders for Grandparenting Through Obstacles!

Hi! Dianne here. Renee and I are really excited that Pix-N-Pens is now taking orders for the book. Does this mean it’s getting close?! Wow!

The release date for the book is August 17, 2012. We’ve just learned the book will retail for $15.99. Right now you can order it for $12.00 plus shipping. Order your copy of Grandparenting Through Obstacles here.

I have to tell you, I’m so stinkin’ excited. I’ve never done this with a publisher before, so to watch the publication of our book progress is just really fun. To see a page go up where it’s actually for sale. . .  Well can it get any more exciting? Okay, well maybe it  can. But I’m having fun just the same.

Currently the publisher is creating the back cover of the book. I got my first glimpse of it as a pdf, which just adds to my excitement! We have portions of endorsements on the back cover. Plus the publisher’s logo. And. . .  What’s that?! Hold on, I’m printing it out.

While I’m waiting on the printer, does anyone else here remember the movie “The Jerk” starring Steve Martin? I remember the scene where he discovered, for the first time, his name was printed in the phone book. (For those of you who are younger readers, that’s a large book that used to be published with everybody’s phone number in it–back before numbers were stored IN the phone. Also known as “The White Pages.” Anyway. . .) Steve Martin’s character got so excited that he took the phone book and went running down his neighborhood’s street yelling, “I’m in the phone book! I’m in the phone book!”

That’s how I feel. Excuse me. The printer’s done and I’m going to grab that printout of our book’s cover and go run down my street. “We have an ISBN number! We have a bar code!”