Thursday Interview: Susan Lawrence

Welcome back to another Thursday interview post. Today we’d like to introduce Susan Lawrence, author of the story “Jesus House.” We hope you enjoy learning a little about her.

Susan with her grandkids

GTO:  Susan, in what ways do you believe God has used you most in ministering to your grandkids?

Susan:  My grandkids think of me as the grandma who does things with them: picnics, hikes, bike rides, and field trips to the zoo or the science center. Wherever we go, whatever we do, our faith is a part of the day. It may be a prayer before our picnic, a spiritual discussion in the car, or a bedtime Bible story.

GTO:  So, like we’ve talked about on this blog so many times before–making the most of every opportunity. What advice can you give our readers to help them become more intentional about imparting spiritual truths and values into their grandchildren?

Susan:  I feel a sense of urgency like I have never felt before. None of us knows how much time we have left, or how much time the world has left. The time to impart our faith is now. Our children, grandchildren, and the world are in desperate need of it.

GTO: This is so true, Susan. And the reason we wrote this book is to help grandparents do just that in spite of the obstacles they’re facing. What would you say is the greatest challenge faced by children today, and how can grandparents help them with this challenge?

Susan:  I believe the greatest challenge our children face is defending their faith in a culture of an “anything goes” society. Grandparents can help by answering their grandchildren’s questions with answers based on Scripture (even if they have to say, “I need to look that one up myself!”). When talking about current issues in the news, respond with what the Bible says about it. And, most important of all, grandparents need to model their faith, how they live it, and how they share it with others.

GTO:  That’s great advice. What might you tell our readers to encourage them to not give up on their kids or grandkids when they’re going through such challenging times?

Susan:  First Corinthians 13:7 tells us that “love always hopes.” I have clung to that verse in the lack of anything substantial, to offer hope, knowing that God is the Almighty God, in control of all that happens here on earth, and loving and merciful toward our children and grandchildren far more we can even imagine.

GTO:  That even encourages me right now! In looking at the specific story you shared with us, what are you hoping our readers will gain or learn from it?

Susan:  My hope is that other grandparents will be encouraged to share their faith with their grandchildren whenever and however they can, knowing that no matter what the circumstances, their influence on their grandchildren will be a positive, life-building experience.

GTO: And finally, what do you hope your grandkids will most remember about you when you’re gone?

Susan:  I want them to remember that I loved them, laughed with them, and learned with them. And I want them to always, always know I prayed for them.

Thank you, Susan, for spending time with us today. I know your story will be an encouragement to everyone who reads it. If you’d like to learn more about Susan, please visit her at

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