Grandparent Day of Prayer

Cavin Harper at Christian Grandparenting Network is asking grandparents all over the world to unite in prayer for their grandchildren on Sunday, September 9, 2012.
This date is officially National Grandparents Day.
Cavin Harper has called a “Grandparent Day of Prayer” for grandparents all over the world to “stand in the gap” for their grandkids’ generation. Cavin writes:
“Join thousands of grandparents around the world to stand in the gap for their grandchildren on the second annual Grandparents Day of Prayer on September 9, 2012. Just as Esther stood in the gap for her people, grandparents can stand in the gap with prayer for their grandchildren.
“The first step is to sign up on our website and commit to participate in the worldwide movement to pray for our grandchildren on September 9, 2012.”
Participants who sign up will receive a link to download a prayer card, 31 Scriptures to Pray for your Grandchildren.
From the Grandparent Day of Prayer page, you can also help spread the word by sharing on Facebook. 
For this second annal Grandparent Day of Prayer, Cavin asks, “Why not gather a group of grandparents in your church or community to pray with you?”

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